2021. november 14., vasárnap

Stardust Not-a-Campaign EP03 - Peace is a Lie (STAR WARS)

After narrowly escaping the planet Coyerti, Jyn erso is shown paradise by two slaves who rescued her. they sold the Thrandoshan spaceship in Asphodar citadel and left behind technology to enter the free marches of Cerea. Momaw, Obun and Jyn have been peaceful Tecave farmers for 5 months now. Cerea' lush, unending green oasis is still untouched by the Empire. So as the sun sets on the tecave fields, the rustling of grass leaves reminds Jyn of her very short life on Lah'Mu. The warm smile of her mom, the strong arms of her father. the calm of her Kyber crystal around her neck. This is what peace feels like.

Jyn Erso (Mihály)
Momaw Nadon (Ferenc)
Tul-Obun-Tek (Krisztián)

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