2021. május 8., szombat

Stardust Not-a-Campaign EP01 - Stardust (STAR WARS)

Jyn erso lives one of the harshest lives, darkest of the fates in the galaxy. Today she is in the town of Kestral, on the lush planet of Coyerti. She shares a room with outlaw tech; Gadsdon Suurgav and the colonist; Doctor Lusska. They have been supplying the Coyerti Coyotes from Doctor Lusska's med-quarters with false scandocs and clearance codes for their operations. This small-time operation is stealing chemical supplies from an imperial dock. This is risky, but the empire is everywhere nowadays. Despite the horrific situation, there is hope. A flicker of light as bright as the kyber crystal on her necklace.

Jyn Erso (Mihály)
Lusska (Ferenc)
Gadsdon Suurgav (Krisztián)

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